Instrument Panel Enclosure

  • Flameproof Digital Indicator With 72 Glass sparing.
  • Flameproof Digital Indicator For 1" Display 90x90 Glass Window.
  • Flameproof Digital Controller Suitable For 1 Set Point.
  • Flameproof Digital Control Start For 2 Set Point.
  • Flameproof Instrument Enclosure To Mount Any Panel - Instrument.
  • Flameproof Instrument Panel Enclosure With Glass Window 50x100 / 90x90 With Push Button, Lamps, Membrane, Pots & Switch Arrangement In JB 250.
  • Flameproof Instrument Panel with 100x150 mm window Instrument Panel JB 350 (Ø350 x 100 / 160 mm Depth)
  • Flameproof Instrument Panel 2 Glass Window of 90x90, 100 x 150 (Ø 400x160mm Depth)
  • Flameproof Instrument Panel Enclosure Suitable For Higher Rating Internal Size With Internal Space Of 600x425x300mm
  • Flameproof Pipe Mount Enclosure For Larger Size Display.
  • Flameproof Thermocouple Head For Simplex / Duplex Fire.
  • Flameproof Specially Designed Enclosure As Per Applications.

For Instrument Panel Enclosure